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3 Month Membership

AED 4,800

6 Month Membership

AED 7,200

12 Month Membership

AED 10,800


3 Month Membership

AED 7680

6 Month Membership

AED 11,520

12 Month Membership

AED 17,280


Includes 30 sessions of Whole body Cryo or Red Light Therapy per month.

Whole Body Cryo sessions are 3 minutes, Red Light Therapy sessions are 15 minutes.

30 sessions are valid per month, unused sessions can not be transferred to balance months.

Memberships are paid upfront for the full term, either 3 / 6/ 12 months.

Able to freeze membership for 1 month period.

Membership is non-transferable.

Unable to cancel and refund membership.

Only For Couples 

Couple memberships are to be used simultaneously

by the couple and not individually.