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Create Healthy Habits with Resync This Ramadan

This holy month take a moment to rebalance and create healthy habits for the year ahead.  

Ramadan offers the perfect time to reset. Whether you are practising or not, it’s time to take a pause and reflect on your lifestyle. It also provides the ideal opportunity to create new healthy habits or revive old ones. 

At Resync, our therapies are based on healing, recovery and helping you to optimise your health. One of our most popular treatments is Whole Body Cryotherapy. The proven benefits of this treatment include:

Whole body cryotherapy
Whole body cryotherapy room at resync

It increases your level of endorphins which elevates your mood whilst helping to reduce stress.

It speeds up muscle recovery, reduces tissue damage, decreases inflammation and relieves pain by increasing cellular survival and, in turn, strengthens the immune system.

It boosts blood circulation, which results in a higher metabolic and caloric burn rate, perfect for post-workout recovery.

It treats ageing and various skin symptoms by increasing cell rejuvenation and collagen levels, reducing signs of wrinkles and tightening skin.

A Whole Body Cryotherapy session involves entering our oxygen-enriched chamber of -110° Celsius for up to three minutes. It’s spacious, which means it can also fit up to four people. Donning shorts, leggings and a crop top for ladies and shorts for men, Resync provide the rest. You can also listen to your favourite song during the treatment in the chamber to help give you a boost during the session.

Whole body cryotherapy
Whole body cryotherapy with friends

This Ramadan, we want you to experience and help your friends and family to see and feel these amazing benefits. That’s why for every single Whole Body Cryotherapy session bought, you can bring up to three friends or family with you into the chamber for free. 

Allowing you the perfect opportunity to build this therapy into your lifestyles, we hope you use this to encourage and motivate each other too. Get ready to emerge from the chamber feeling stronger and naturally high on endorphins as the cold transforms your physiology.

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