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Get Ready for Romance with Resync

It’s officially the most romantic month of the year! What better way to celebrate than to head to Resync with your loved ones? From our unique Resync Date Night offer for the whole month of February to our Couples Membership, it’s time to help motivate one another to become your best selves. Moreover, the team is ready to help brides-to-be get into shape for their upcoming nuptials with two new packages.

A Unique Date Night

Resync valentines

Forget booking a dinner date and instead opt for a trip to Resync, where the team wants you to share the love and benefits of cold and light therapy.

Light Therapy is Red

Cryotherapy is Blue

Looking for a Unique Date Night?

This is Perfect for Two…

The date begins with a Red Light Therapy session. Take turns lying back for 15 minutes each as red and near-infrared light works to heal any injuries, reduce muscle pain, and relax muscles and joints, all while boosting blood circulation. Then it’s time to head for a Whole Body Cryotherapy session where -110c awaits. Choose your favourite hype song or even a romantic ballad and enter the chamber for three minutes.

Perfect for those looking to recover, it helps to reduce muscle pain and inflammation while increasing your metabolism and the body’s natural collagen production. The ultimate bonding session, the whole experience takes under an hour with no downtime. This means you can easily slot it into your plans and even head out for that dinner afterwards.

AED700 per couple for a Red Light Therapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy session each. Must be booked and used together.

The Couples Membership

Resync valentines

If you’ve tried and loved the benefits of Red Light Therapy and Whole Body Cryotherapy, then you know the best way to stay consistent is to book a Resync Membership. With three, six, and twelve-month packages already on offer, the team wanted to create something special for its loved-up clients.

Introducing the Resync Couples Membership Package. Just like the classic packages, this allows you both to have up to 30 Red Light Therapy or Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions a month. To be used together, each couple must book and do the treatments as a pair. Helping to hold each other accountable, the membership also saves on the costs that you can put towards a date night or two.

Three Months for AED7,680, Six Months for AED11,520, or Twelve Months for AED17,280 per couple.


Resync romance

Are you a bride-to-be and planning your big day? It’s no secret that you’ll want to look your best, and our team at Resync want to help you achieve this. We’ve developed two packages that combine body sculpting with facials to help you glow up!

The Head to Toe

Five sessions of Endospheres Body, five sessions of Cryo T-Shock Body, one 60 minutes Hydra Glow Facial, one 90-minute Hydra Glow Facial and PRX Peel, and one Red Light Therapy session. Total AED6,000

The Touch Up

Two sessions of Endospheres Body, two sessions of Cryo T-Shock Body, one Lymphatic Drainage or Muscle Release Massage, one 60-minute Hydra Glow Facial and one Red Light Therapy session. Total AED3,500

To Book Call: +971 56 992 8118

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