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Create Healthy Habits with Resync This Ramadan

This holy month take a moment to rebalance and create healthy habits for the year ahead.   Ramadan offers the perfect time to reset. Whether you are practising or not, it’s time to take a pause and reflect on your lifestyle. It also provides the ideal opportunity to create new healthy

Resync romance

Get Ready for Romance with Resync

It’s officially the most romantic month of the year! What better way to celebrate than to head to Resync with your loved ones? From our unique Resync Date Night offer for the whole month of February to our Couples Membership, it’s time to help motivate one another to become your

New year's resolutions

Your New Year’s Resolutions with Resync

The new year is officially in full swing. Now, a few days in, you’ll be beginning to know if you’re really going to keep up your resolutions or not. The team at Resync want to ensure this is a yes and has created two new memberships for the year ahead

Resync 30x30 challenge

Why You Should Join the Resync 30×30 Challenge

It’s time to achieve all your health and fitness goals one treatment at a time. You’ve joined the annual Dubai Fitness Challenge and are exercising for 30 minutes for 30 days straight. At Resync, we want to support you in this challenge by creating one of our own focused on

Jenya melay, founder and ceo of resync

22 Rapid Fire Questions with Jenya Melay

To celebrate the second anniversary of Resync, we wanted you to get to know our Founder and CEO a little bit better. Here, Jenya Melay answers 22 rapid-fire questions. Where did you grow up? In Ukraine. When did you move to Dubai? Seven years ago. Favourite place in the city?

Jet lag packages

Say Goodbye to Jet Lag with These Treatments

Resync’s new Jet Lag packages are primed for those returning from their travels. We’ve all been there. Arriving back from a trip aboard and not only facing the holiday blues but disrupted sleep patterns too. This is usually down to jet lag. Whether you’ve crossed one time zone or several,

Founder & ceo jenya melay

Jenya Melay Shares Her Summer Beauty Tips

As the summer gets into full swing, the Founder and CEO of Resync Jenya Melay gives us an insight into her routine. Summer is officially here and that means trips to the beach and jetting off to exotic locations. Not only do we want to look our best, but we