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Your New Year’s Resolutions with Resync

The new year is officially in full swing. Now, a few days in, you’ll be beginning to know if you’re really going to keep up your resolutions or not. The team at Resync want to ensure this is a yes and has created two new memberships for the year ahead to help motivate you to be your best self yet. The first focuses on recovery, and the second on healthy-looking and feeling skin.

Created to help you start a new habit, these memberships can suit every lifestyle. For those that are new to Resync and our treatments, you can start off slowly, choosing to spread them across 12 months. For those that already know and love the results, you can work your way through the membership as quickly as you like.

New year's resolutions
New year’s resolution? It’s time to try whole body cryotherapy at resync

The Resolution to Recovery

Whether you’re getting back into the gym or looking to elevate your fitness and health, this membership is for you. Offering the power of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Red Light Therapy, you can mix and match with 30 sessions. Use as frequently as you like or whenever you need some recovery time.

Not just for those that frequent the gym, these treatments are also known for amplifying your mood and appearance, including speeding up metabolisms and rejuvenating skin. As well as perfect for those who often travel by keeping jet lag at bay and boosting immunity. What’s more, when purchasing this membership, you also get a complimentary 30-minute Lifting Face Massage or a Neck & Shoulder Massage plus 20% off Resync’s other treatments throughout the year.

The Resync Recovery Membership

x30 sessions of Whole Body Cryotherapy and Red light

Bonus: 30 min Lifting Face Massage or Neck & Shoulder Massage

20% discount on other Resync treatments.

AED 6,000

*Terms & Conditions

No freeze period allowed. Sessions can be used as often as required. The membership cannot be extended past the 12-month period.

New year's resolutions
The resync facial membership includes cryo t-shock

The Resolution to Healthy Looking & Feeling Skin

Facials may sometimes feel like the ultimate luxury, but they should also be an integral part of your lifestyle. The skin is the largest organ of your body and should be cared for properly, especially in a busy city with a hot, humid and sunny climate. The team at Resync have invested in some of the most effective protocols and equipment and, alongside their knowledge and expertise, guarantees that you both look and feel your best.

Make sure you keep up with your monthly facials by investing in our Facial Membership. It includes 12 facials that can be mixed and matched depending on your skin’s requirements. Our highly trained therapists will guide you on your skincare journey and advise on which you should be choosing when to ensure you achieve your best skin possible. Added to this, you will also receive two complimentary Red Light Therapy or Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions, which will help elevate your results. You can also get 15% off Dermapen or Peel facials too.

The Resync Facial Membership

x12 Facials

Choose from Hydra Glow, Endospheres, Cryo T-Shock and Manual Tailor-Made Facials

Bonus: x2 Red Light or Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions

20% discount on Dermapen & Peels


*Terms & Conditions

No freeze period allowed. Sessions can be used as often as required. The membership cannot be extended past the 12-month period.

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