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5 Reasons Consistency is Key for Summer Beauty and Beyond

We all love instant results, but when it comes to lasting ones, regular visits to your therapist and consistency are essential. 

We live in a society that treasures instant gratification. When it comes to treatments and therapies, many at Resync require investment. Not just your hard-earned money but your time too. Yes, you leave with a glowing complexion post your favourite Valmont facial, and you feel a rush of endorphins when you step out of our Cryotherapy chamber but imagine the results with some time, patience, and commitment?

Below are our top tips for making the most of your time at Resync and beyond.  

Create a Habit 

Just like your daily rituals that help you feel fit and healthy, like working out and cleansing your skin after a busy day, treatments and therapies require consistency too. Do your research on how often you should be doing your chosen treatment, then make a habit out of it. The best way to do this is to book appointments at similar times or days, so you always remember them.

Choose Your Therapist Wisely 

Find a therapist who understands your goals. They can help direct you in what treatments would be best for you. Trust is a huge part of the process, and following their recommendations will help you see results quickly. Our lives are also changing and adapting, so they can help lead you in the right direction and keep you on track.

Consistency during the summer.
Consistency is key to get the most out of your treatments.

Listen and Ask for Advice

At Resync, our team of highly trained professionals know how to achieve results. It’s your job to listen to them. Looking to heal a sporting injury? To really feel the effects of Cryotherapy, you’ll need to visit three to five times a week for the first month. Not able to make this? Ask for guidance on what your best steps are.

The Power of Prevention 

Taking a preventative approach to beauty can slow down the ageing process. We aren’t talking anti-ageing; we’re talking age management. Visiting your facialist every month ensures your skin is healthy and any issues are addressed right away. This also works the same for your body, where consistency and prevention mean dodging potential injuries and ensuring your body is working at its peak performance.

Make the Most of Your Investment 

Once you know what therapies and treatments you want to invest in, then it’s time to look at Resync’s Packages. Our team have carefully curated ones, especially for the summer, to ensure you feel and look your best. Click here to find one that’s perfect for you.

Find out more about our treatments here.

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