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5 Reasons Men Should Embrace Facials

It’s time for men to stop shying away from facials and instead embrace healthy-looking and feeling skin.

How often do you get a professional facial? Our female clients are likelier to say every three to four weeks than our males. We want to change this. Our facials at Resync are not gendered specific and should be taken advantage of by both men and women. Living in a city like Dubai, travelling and even spending time on the beach are only some of the reasons we should all be booking in for monthly facials. Choose from treatments that focus on cleansing and hydration to skin tightening and brightening. After all, even men deserve a glowing complexion too. Read below for some of our top reasons men should get booked in now.

1. Time to Relax

We all have busy schedules and rarely find moments where we have to put down our phones. A facial offers the perfect moment to lie back, switch off your notifications and relax. Whilst your therapist is working their magic, you may even find that you dose off for a minute or two.

2. Deep Clean

It’s important to regularly and thoroughly cleanse your skin. Men tend to have larger pores and rougher skin which means you may be more prone to oil leading to blemishes. A professional will cleanse and clean your skin more effectively than you will be able to achieve at home.

Mens facial cryo t-shock
Cryo t-shock facial at resync.

3. Hello Hydration!

In a climate like that of the Middle East, it’s essential to ensure your skin is adequately hydrated. Otherwise, you might find it feeling itchy and dry. The goal is to have healthy looking and feeling skin, which a monthly facial will help you achieve by helping to deliver moisture deep into the skin.

4. Time for Some Tech

At Resync, we’ve invested in some innovative technology you won’t have at home. From our Hydra Glow Facial, which can be personalised to every skin concern offering long-term benefits, to our Cryo T-Shock Facial, which uses cold therapy to lift and smooth the skin, there’s a treatment for every concern.

5. Ask A Professional

Team Resync is always on hand to answer all of your skincare questions. A facial offers the perfect time for your therapist to answer your queries whilst taking a good look at your skin. They may even spot issues you don’t know about and will be able to help advise you on fixing both short and long-term concerns.

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