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22 Rapid Fire Questions with Jenya Melay

To celebrate the second anniversary of Resync, we wanted you to get to know our Founder and CEO a little bit better. Here, Jenya Melay answers 22 rapid-fire questions.

Where did you grow up? In Ukraine.

When did you move to Dubai? Seven years ago.

Favourite place in the city? Resync, of course!

Favourite month of the year? November, I love the cooler weather and relaxing on the beach.

Morning Person or Night Owl? Morning always.

Favourite colour? Beige

Mascara or Lipstick? Mascara

Valmont Facial or Hydraglow? It’s too hard to choose! Hydraglow for my monthly upkeep as it’s great for cleansing the skin and adding a boost of hydration. I also invest in a Valmont facial for age management and a red carpet-worthy glow that really lasts.

Favourite exercise? Reformer Pilates

The Beach or Desert? Beach

Jenya melay, founder and ceo of resync
jenya melay, founder and ceo of resync

Whole Body Cryotherapy or Red Light Therapy? Currently, Whole Body Cryotherapy for a boost of endorphins and to help with recovery.

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury

What makes you the happiest? My daughter.

Deep Tissue Massage or Lymphatic Drainage? A Deep Tissue Massage to help sports recovery and help me relax.

What’s your real-life superpower? I am very intuitive and trust myself 100 %.

What was your last Google search? Beauty products. I’m obsessed with skincare and am always looking for what’s new.

Biggest achievement? Opening Resync.

Biggest obstacle? The pandemic.

What motivates you? Being a strong role model for my daughter.

Where do you love to travel? Anywhere in Europe, but I especially love London.

Favourite word in another language? Kohaju, which means ‘Love You’ in Ukrainian.

Post Travel Lymphatic Drainage or Cryo T-Shock? Our Lymphatic Drainage Massage helps combat any swelling. I try and book one straight after my flight and feel like new after a session.

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