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7 Resync Rules for the Party Season Ahead

Our Resync rules to help you prepare for the festive season ahead. 

Slim and Sculpt

If you’ve got a form-fitting dress lined up for the party season, then it’s time to book some body sculpting stat. Endospheres Therapy is a great option for those looking to sculpt, smooth cellulite and tone up the skin. Or, why not try Cryo T-Shock Body for your answer to non-invasive weight loss? It works by freezing away fat with zero downtime and can be used on your stomach, thighs, flanks, upper arms and chin.

Get That Glow

There’s nothing like a professional facial to promote healthy-looking and feeling skin. Monthly maintenance is key to ensure it’s properly cleansed, helping resolve any issues and allowing your products to penetrate deeper. A must-try is our Hydra Glow Facial which can be personalised during every treatment. Then there are our treatments that help you achieve a radiant complexion just before that big party. Looking for a little lift and some age management? Speak to our therapists about Endospheres and Cryo T-Shock for the face.

Give a Gift They’ll Love  

Want to stand out from the crowd and gift your host a present they’ll use and love? A Resync voucher is the obvious answer. Now in digital form, you can personalise it with your host’s name and their chosen treatment, then choose to print it out or email it to them. Who wants flowers or a candle when you can have a relaxing facial or massage?

Resync gift voucher
Resync gift voucher

Book A Whole Body Cryotherapy Session the Morning After

This is one of Resync’s quickest treatments and most effective. If you know you’re in need of an energy boost, Whole Body Cryotherapy is for you. The whole process can take as little as ten minutes for those in a rush or looking to squeeze in a session before work. By exposing your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short time, you will flush out any toxins from your cells and rehydrate them with oxygen-rich blood. You’ll also experience a release of endorphins that are known to help alleviate any late-night symptoms.

Take A Power Nap with Red Light Therapy

A Red Light Therapy session is 15 minutes, making it the perfect place to have a little power nap during your lunch break. Using red and near-infrared light, it also helps heal injuries, reduces muscle pain, relaxes joints and muscles and increases blood circulation. We love efficiency at Resync!

Resync rules festive season
Endospheres therapy at resync

Keep Exercising

After a diary packed with events and parties, the last thing you might want to do is hit the gym. It’s vital that you don’t give up on exercise. It helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps boost energy alongside a whole host of other benefits. If anything, adapt what exercise you are doing, taking into account the hours you spend dancing every evening. Just remember to book your recovery treatments too!

Don’t Wait till January to Make Your Resolutions

You don’t need to wait until the new year to create new healthy habits. Yes, enjoying the festive season is important, but living a well-rounded lifestyle is also important. Check out our memberships and packages that have been curated with different routines in mind.

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